Asta Bhairavar Gayatri 1920*1080

1.Sri Asithaanga Bhairavar Gayatri  (1920*1080 Size)

2.Sri Bheeshana Bhairavar Gayatri  (1920*1080 Size)

3.Sri Chanda  Bhairavar Gayatri   (1920*1080 Size)     

4.Sri Kapaala  Bhairavar Gayatri   (1920*1080 Size)

5.Sri Krodha Bairav Gayatri  (1920*1080 Size)

6.Sri  Ruru Bairav Gayatri   (1920*1080 Size)

7.Sri Samhaara Bairav Gayatri  (1920*1080 Size)

8.Sri Unmatha Bairavar Gayatri (1920*1080 Size)



Asta Bhairavar Gayatri 1920*1080


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